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Neuter your CueCat

Subject: Neutering the 2 Screw Hyundai Based Cuecat

From there comes the Hardware Hack Of the 2 Screws Neutering the Hyundai version Date posted: 10/06/00 at 03:42:43 EST

The 2 screw case, Hyundai CPU version can be converted to plain ASCII output by lifting pin 10 of the Hyundai CPU. Pin 10 is normally connected to ground, so if you solder a wire from 5v to pin 10, you will have a short! Do not do this, instead seperate pin 10 from ground. When pin 10 is unsoldered (or cut), it will float high, no need to solder it to anything.

Pin 10 can be found on the lower right side of the bottom row of pins when orienting the CPU so that the word "Hyundai" is right side up. Pin 11 is the last pin on the right of the bottom row. Pin 10 is just to the left of pin 11. There is a short length of PCB trace between pin 10 and the ground plane. This can be cut with a sharp knife, or one can use a soldering iron and desoldering braid to remove the excess solder on pin 10, then gently pry it up with the tip of a sharp knife while heating with the soldering iron.

If you're good with the soldering iron, you can solder a wire to pin 10, connect it to a switch, then use the switch to convert from normal encrypted output to plain ASCII output. Pin 10 is only read by the CPU at power-up and reset, so you'll have to either unplug and replug the keyboard connector, or momentarily connect pin 4 (pin 4 is the reset line of the Hyundai CPU) to 5v AFTER changing the switch on pin 10 in order to get the output format to change.

This modification has been verified on board version: K023A016 REV:C date code: 0024