AIM/Oscar Protocol Specification:
Section 3: BOS Signon: Personal User Information Response

Personal User Information Response [Source: BOS]

Contains user information about the user you're currently logged in as.

SNAC Information:

  • Family 0x0001
  • SubType 0x000f
  • Flags {0x00, 0x00}

ContainerDataTLV Type
RAWScreen Name Length (byte)
RAWScreen Name (unterminated string)
RAWWarning level (word)
RAWTLV count (word -- number of TLVs to follow)
TLVUser Class (?) (word)1
TLV (if tlvcnt>=2)Signup Date (time_t format)2
TLV (if tlvcnt>=3)Signon Date (time_t format)3
TLV (if tlvcnt>=4)Idle time (in minutes)4


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