Gifting has become a trend and people cross borders to get a gift for their beloved ones. Gifting was only limited towards people which they used to give on thanks giving or any other occasions. But now organizations are also gifting their employees in shape of bonuses and mobile phones some also give cars and houses as well. In this way, the employees don’t think that they are working their brains off and they are not rewarded with any other thing. This culture has recently started and it is benefiting many companies in different ways and their employees also work day and night to get bonuses and other rewards.

Companies mostly give out rewards or bonuses when they give salary to the employee. But giving extra money or the things that need on special holidays like new year or on company’s anniversary will give them an extra boost and they will be more devoted by being loyal to the company. The trend of making employee of the month or year is not a big deal in these days when people are always short on money and needs. And when company does small gestures, it not only makes an employee happy but other people wish to participate in the company as well.

Most companies leave out the lower staff because people think if one of such employees leave, they will get hundred more application for that vacancy. But appreciating the lower staff will show that your company is thinking of all the employees and not only the one who are helping in generating the cash. Just imagine that an office does not have a person for cleaning or an office boy/girl that provides everyone with tea and coffee. Because if these people are not there, employees have to get up in the middle of a break through and all that work in lost.

So, consider that each worker in the company is doing a favor to the company. And if you are in a country where businesses are becoming successful each day; in the UAE. You can get different kinds of gift baskets in Dubai and there are many corporate gifts suppliers in Dubai. These companies have a variety of gifts, companies who don’t have time to go and pick gifts, they just call them up and select the gifts and have them delivered at their doorstep.

Oil Can

Dubai, UAE

Thursday, Apr 22, 2021