Who did not have a small Ferrari car toy when he or she was young? Most of the kids have a good collection and when we become older, the obsession becomes more and now we want a bigger and more than one Ferrari. Many of us want but only some of us can actually get one. But the one who buys a Ferrari has some major fatigues to bear like keeping it up or you can say maintaining it. Go here to find out more about hire a Ferrari in Dubai. Even if you manage to buy one or think about getting one, there are some things that you have to know how to maintain a Ferrari;

  1. Why Ferrari is famous, that is because of its ceramic. The ceramic coating is what is makes it beautiful, the mate and yet smooth and shiny body is what makes it outstanding and expensive. It is made with style and in a delicate way. But did you know that if you want to only polish the car’s body it will cost between 600 dollars to 2000 dollars. Depending upon what is the color. Let us say that your Ferrari is of multi color, so it will be hard for the car workshop team to get that specific color and exact color to be sure to polish it again.
  2. The next thing that is expensive is paint protection. Just like your body needs different types of sun block creams and different lotions to make sure that your body is smooth and doing fine, just like that you need different protection and waxes that are used to apply on the body of the car so that the ceramic does not gets effect due to the extreme weathers.
  3. The next thing you need to do requires a lot of effort and work and not just any work but work of precision. Make sure not to take your Ferrari to the automatic car washes because even the fiber of those machines is soft and delicate but Ferrari does not like the touch of it on its body. So, what you need to do wash it with your own hands and you will need specific Ferrari washing tools and sponges to wash it and different shampoos.
Oil Can

Dubai, UAE

Tuesday, Sep 29, 2020