Agriculture is considered to be the backbone of the country’s economy. If a country has its vast agriculture system and produces more number of crops, vegetables and fruits then it means that they will have to import less crops which will automatically stabilize their economy. Agriculture is also considered as a source of livelihood for people living in rural areas. Agriculture also increases the income of the country. And above all the people of that country receive fresh vegetables and fruits from suppliers. If a country produces abundant amount of rice, tea, sugar etc then they can also export their crops. Many crops are also a source of raw materials such as cotton, oils, sugars etc. 

All countries have specified their areas for agriculture land. So if you are living in UAE then you can also see their vast system of agriculture in UAE and how fruit and vegetables suppliers in Dubai get vegetables and fruits from rural areas. 

Advantages of agriculture:

Pure form of food:

The fruits, vegetables and other crops that are obtained from conventional agriculture methods are pure form of foods. Because in this way of agriculture, advanced technology is not used. So the crops obtained by this method are pure and in their true natural form.

No use of hormonal injections and fertilizers:

As crops are cultivated in their true natural form, hormonal injections and fertilizers are not used in this method of agriculture. So it assures the purity of edible crops. 

Less cost and more production:

As in this form of agriculture, advanced technology, hormones, and fertilizers are not used. So by investing a small amount of money a large number of crops can be cultivated so it will lead to maximum production of crops. 

Means of livelihood:

As the people living in rural areas have less job opportunities and they are not so educated that they can secure jobs in cities. So, it also provides them a way of making a living to make their lives better.

No need of learning new techniques:

As in conventional form of agriculture, new techniques are not used. So, all sorts of families who are less educated can also start agriculture in their lands. So it will also given them opportunity to earn money for their better livinghood.

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Dubai, UAE

Thursday, Aug 13, 2020