There is no doubt that flowers have lots of benefits. It makes our event beautiful and fragrant. And it is the important part of our every event. Events without flower looks color less. Using flower in event always make colorful event. Florist apps can provide you every type of flower especially in Abu Dhabi florist delivery is fascinating to people. Event planners prefer online buying or flowers. This is because it saves their time and money. You can find many buy flowers online Abu Dhabi. In this mall there are most famous flower shops which can help you in events. But besides all of the benefits there are some hidden problems of flowers that are unmanageable. Everybody in party is not same. Some people have problems with flowers. They don’t adjust themselves in presence of flower as flowers make them uncomfortable.  Let’s have a look some problems or disadvantages of flowers.

Some flowers are Poisonous:
Some plants are poisonous because mother nature wanted to make sure that they are adequately protected from animals. Because animals love to eat flowers and other plant but this protection of plant keep them away from flowers and plants. Lily valley is pleasant and scented but if lily leaves are eaten it can cause the digestive problem and can disturb the heart beat. It has the potential to turn fatal and you have to take immediate medical treatment.

Reason of Allergies:
Some flower plants produce pollen during the summer, spring, which is basically a means of preparing seed for the coming years. Pollen has the potential to trigger a number of seasonal allergies, which is very strong disadvantage of flowers. Most of the flower like daisy and sunflowers can be the cause of serious allergy attack, and if you will not take medical care it can lead to severe discomfort. Juniper and jasmine also cause the allergic reactions for many people.

All flowers require a regular maintenance. And it keeps them fresh and looking best. You have to devout your time every week to deadheading and pruning them. It saves the energy of plant. Flower also need water every day, and treatment of fertilizer 1 to 3 times a month.

 Expensive Investment

Using of flowers on events is very expensive. You need high investment for flowers. Perennial flower will cost you more other than flowers.
These are some major facts that you didn’t know about flowers. To find more info keep visiting our site.

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Dubai, UAE

Monday, Sep 26, 2022