Accountant is someone who will be managing your entire business through finances and budgeting it all out. Every business needs efficient accounting services in Dubai because that is the core of it and if the services provided by them aren’t good enough then it is going to imbalance the business and effect the future progress of it. But in order to maintain the business and let it runs smoothly there are some ethical and moral rules that one should follow so that they can make sure that everyone knows their boundaries. Here are a few things you should never ask your accountant:

  • Don’t ask them to work manually when things can be automated

The world is progressing and so should you. We know that you are working in the business since last 50 years or so and you have been doing all kinds of accounting and finances manually in registers which turns out to be just fine. But with the advancing world, you should also accept the new technologies because soon these registers will diminish and be eaten by the book worm and what you would be left with is nothing. Let the accountant do his work on the automated machines and computers where they present you with the complete plan and make things better instead of just fine.

  • Never ask your accountant to do something unethical

This is the first and the foremost important thing which we know that you understand but everyone needs a reminder. You should never ask your accountant to do something unlawful especially when they are also working as tax consultant in Dubai for your firm. Even if it is just a one time thing. When you go down that path there is no coming back and it also gives your staff the free pass for doing such thing again.

  • Never forget to get the finance update

Even if you run such business where finances are not the core of it still you should be aware of every single aspect of it. Make sure that you take update from every single department, accounting being one of it. This way you will be well aware of how the business is doing financially so that you can make the future plans accordingly. When someone asks how the business is doing, don’t leave it up to the accountant to answer.

Oil Can

Dubai, UAE

Saturday, Jun 6, 2020