Baby cot also known as a baby cradle or a crib, is a small bed specially designed for the infants of ages 1 year to 3 years. It has a cage like appearance to guard the babies. Parents usually keep their babies in a crib when they are able to climb over the pillows, to protect them from any injury or falling.

Parents should not share the same bed with the children but they should keep the baby cot or the cradle in the same room. In this way they can protect their child from suffocation and sudden deaths and keep an eye on them by being in the same room, as well. Baby cots become really close to the baby and they consider that cot as their own place. They love to be in the cot the whole day and stay happy.

There are different companies in Dubai, who manufacture baby cots of different qualities. Baby cot price in Dubai ranges between AED200 to AED1000. They differ in size, quality, appearance and looks. But the looks of the baby cot do not really matter to the baby but its quality and safety matters. So instead of looking at the looks, you should consider upon the quality of the cot, before buying.

For more protection, a baby monitor can also be purchased by the parents. It is a two piece device consisting of a transmitter and a receiver. It can be kept with the baby when he/she is asleep so that you can multitask by doing your house chores and looking after your baby at the same time. Baby monitors in Dubai are easily available, with many features like a microphone or a camera, which lets you talk to your baby, sing them a lullaby or even see them. A model with 900 MHz or higher frequency should be chosen as it will increase clarity and decrease interference.

Baby monitors can be wired or wireless, depends on you, which one you need. Wired one can only be used within the room whereas the wireless ones can be used even at the distance of 300m. You can even connect your baby monitor with your smart phone.

Many parents hesitate in leaving their child alone but this gadget has made their life so easy. With baby monitors you cook and if you listen to your baby cry, you can reach him/her immediately.

Oil Can

Dubai, UAE

Tuesday, Sep 29, 2020