Like every other person who desires for opening his or her own business, you also wish to have your own business? Do you want to open an event management company in Dubai or do you want to have your own teaching institute?

I can’t help you in event management but I can give you tips to establish your institute without spending money.

Do you want to know them? If yes, then read below!

Book a room: Instead of contacting companies that manage corporate team building in Dubai to get one room apartment, book a room in your apartment for teaching.  You can place chairs and tables in that room for students to sit. It is better to attach some book shelves and keep stands in it to make a room look like a class. Keep that room neat and clean. Place a carpet and rugs to make it appear formal and decent. Try to work on its appearance. Try to make your room look attractive. It should be designed and decorated in such a ways that students will be attracted towards it. Create friendly environment at your place by making the lessons and lectures discussion based so that children will be attracted towards study and learning. Try to teach them that it is more important to understand a topic than to memorise it to gain marks. Use videos and pictures to clear their concepts and let them understand the topic completely.

Internet: Instead of booking a room,  you can use Skype and other video calling applications to teach kids. You can make your account on any employment related site and get students. It is easier than teaching at home because you don’t need to clean your house and make yourself clean. All you have to do is to have internet and Skype. However, you have to work on your explanation skills. You have to use such words and explanations that can let them understand the topic easily. You can show them videos and pictures by being connected with them on WhatsApp. You can make a group of students in which you can provide them material of study.

Besides this, you can create a facebook page where you can upload lectures and worksheets of each topic and lesson that are usually covered in schools. In this way, you will get advertisements which will give you earning and students get free of cost tuitions. Customers always want affordable products and services so try to fulfill their demands and get their trust. It will give you a lot of opportunities to earn.

Thursday, Jul 25, 2024