When it comes to your children’s education you make sure that everything is perfect. After all, this is the stage where all kinds of personalities are developed and which will stick to them throughout their life and by which they will decide their careers and lifestyle. So, you make sure that the kids are good, the school has a good reputation, teachers are qualified and the food is healthy. But there are times when whatever you do, your kid doesn’t progress, well I am not saying for the kids out there, but this goes out for those who actually face it. No matter how much the school is big you see difference in mood or behaviors or irregular ups and downs in the grades. And you can’t find out why. This happens to some children who are either slow at studying or face different level of abuses at school.

To make them expressive, confident and a fast learner you need to put them in EYFS. Or if the time has gone don’t worry, there are some EYFS which still take in your child at the age or 10 as well. But the question arises how to find the perfect and the best EYFS nursery. There are some steps for it; first ask around a lot in your social circle or your colleagues. See if there are not a lot of children because that divides the attention of the trainers and your child might get what he/she needs. See the ranking, comments and reviews of the EYFS. Ask for the CVs of the staff and the trainers. Take a look at the bathrooms, either they are clean or not. Take a complete tour of the nursery, see if it is child friendly, means there must be no sharp edges or open switch boards. Look at the modules that they will be teaching to your kid. See the food chart that they will feed your baby with and make sure to tell the trainers what your baby is allergic to. You can even taste the food as a sample to double check this part.

If you are a foreigner in an Arab country like the UAE and you want your baby to grow and learn in an English environment then you can visit the British Nursery in Dubai and if you want your child to be adaptive you can visit any good kid’s nursery.  Visit https://ladybirdnursery.ae/ for further details.

Tuesday, Jun 18, 2024