You must be familiar with dental implants which are a sort of replacement for your lost or decayed tooth. Even if there are many best dental implants in Dubai available, people still find it hard to carry on with them or dentures with in return leads them to wonder what would happen if they start eating without them? Even if the idea sounds very tempting, you would be shocked to know that it can cause several problems and harming the digestive system is just one of them.

Let’s first take a look at the gum and jaw issues which one can face. Whenever you eat something you cannot directly swallow it but instead you have to chew it down a little bit to soften it up to be able to pass it through the digestive tracks. When you don’t have any teeth or dentures to perform that task the whole pressure would directly fall onto the gums. You will be chewing the food or softening it up with your gums and after a little while they are going to get sore from all the hard work that they have to perform. This has a potential to lead to TMJ and infected gums. Not only this but when you won’t be able to chew correctly, the food will go down as whole causing digestive problems. In order to avoid that you will have to shift to a softer food diet this will limit your options.

This brings us to our next part which is digestive problems. The first part to the whole digestive system would be chewing things properly for the digestive track to be working forward. But when the first step itself messes up things how can we expect the digestive system to take up the whole load? We can’t. Because this way the food does not go down in a whole piece instead of breaking up in proper food particles which makes it harder for the nutrients to absorb. Indigestion becomes a huge problem which can later cause bacterial growth and other symptoms of indigestion.

Many pediatric dentists in Dubai complain about patients who get their dentures fixed but don’t actually use them which in return creates several other problems. We have been gifted with teeth so let’s try to use this natural resource as long as possible by keeping them away from any harm.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024