What is dance? To put it in simple words, dance happens to be a form of expression of emotion and self. In dance physical movement involves with body and facial. From centuries dance was a part of various cultures from primitive man to urban individual. Dance use for celebrating marriages, warding off evil, birth and pacifying the supernatural dance was a mode to fulfill various desires and aspiration. Anthropologists have studied dance and society of various cultures in all over the world. Different dance forms represent the different cultures that are prevalent within our society. There are lots of schools who provide dance classes in Dubai and then these dancers in Dubai perform in theater and many clubs. Dancing classes are getting popular in Middle East. Here are some important functions of dance. Let’s have a look of functions of dance.

Dance is a symbol of culture identity:

Dance is identity for different cultures. It shows the importance of dance for cultures. In India dance is the most important part. They make learn their kids dance from initial stage. Therefore you can find best dancers in India. It is the identity for Indians. And same like other cultures have importance in dance. South America has different dance culture. Some famous dancers belong to South America and South Africa. And it seems like honor for their cultures.

It is an expression of religious worship:

Dance is also the expression of some religious worship especially for Indian, South Americans, South Africans etc. it is used to please the Gods once. They used to think that God gets happy with dance. So they in ancient time it was the basic part of their religion. Greeks used to dance on feast day for gods.

It is an expression of social order and power

With the passage of time dance is getting more popular in the world. And now it used as status symbol and for social order. It has become expression of power.

It is expression of culture

Dance is the expression of culture as well as morale and it expresses the values of culture.

It helps perform better in theater

Now dance has become more innovated, many dancers perform in theater and TV and gets paid by dancing. And basically with these performances dance is promoting day by day.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2024