With the wedding season fast approaching you must be surfing the internet for the perfect wedding dress that you could connect with and call it yours but haven’t been able to find something in the lines which you would like? Have the thought of custom suit Dubai crossed your mind? Why not? Some dresses are not the right colour, some dresses are the right style, some are not the right fit, and some are not the right length and what not. There could be a hundred different problems that can be occurring and here’s why you should get your wedding suits in Dubai custom made:

  • You will be able to start from the scratch

This is one of the many basic things that people get picky about and when the start is not good, how can one expect the upcoming part to be perfect? With custom dress you will be able to pick the fabric, then colour, then design, then little intricate details and every other thing that you wish you could have changed in the readymade dress early on. You will not have to compromise on anything at all but instead get it exactly the way you have wanted to.

  • Be one of a kind

The best part about custom designing the dresses would be that because you have chosen the every little nitty gritty detail yourself, it won’t coordinate with anyone else’s. You will have an exclusive look and your suit will speak for you. Just imagine how horrible it would have been to twin with your office colleague’s wedding dress on your special day when it is meant only for you. The centre of attention should always be the couple and this will only happen when they have a striking look.

  • Be involved in the whole process

The worse part about having to choose an already made suit is that you don’t know the depth of the dress and how it was designed and made. Who knows if the fabric turns out to be cheap and colour not being the one that you expected it to? With custom made suit you will not face this problem because you will be involved on every step of the way. The process is very exciting to be involved in when you see the master piece getting ready in front of your eyes.

Tuesday, Jun 18, 2024